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Wearing a beret has become an international fashion trend. It is always an ultimate revolutionary accessory that not only keeps your head warm, but also looks pretty! Berets were quickly worn by ordinary people about the end of the first World War, but they only appeared in small amounts in the British army during the war. Besides, wearing a beret had become stylish before the hats were worn by the soldiers in the second World War.

There were several extremely charming heroines who wore a beret in in classic movies.

Greta Garbo(18 September 1905—15 April 1990) was a Swedish-born American film actress. Garbo was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress three times thanks to the film “Anna Christie”, “Camille” and “Ninotchka” and received an Academy Honorary Award in 1954 because of her “luminous and unforgettable screen performances”. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked her fifth on their list of the greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema. Garbo appeared as a blonde for the first time and wore a beret in the film “As You Desire Me”, which had become one of the most fashionable stylings on screen.

Although Garbo was successfully treated for breast cancer in 1984, she died of pneumonia and renal failure in the hospital at the age of 84.

Greta Garbo is one of the most famous female celebrities in the history of cinema. She is the goddess at that era. Her unique eyes and curled long lashes are amazing. Her perfect body line, arched eyebrows, thin and clear lips and perfect eyeliners are examples of make-up at present.

Lorelei Lee(Marilyn Monroe) was a beautiful showgirl in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Even if she was abandoned by her fiancé because the father thought Lorelei was just after his son’s money, Lorelei, wearing a lovely beret, immediately fell in love with Dorothy, a showgirl and the best friend of Lorelei, during the Atlantic crossing.

If you long to be stylish, you can wear a beret like these beautiful girls in films. You can wear it with a number of ways or stick to a classic look. When choosing the color of your beret, you should match your coat or your hair. Pair your berets with your clothing and show a pulled-together look.

Berets are usually used as a cold weather accessory, so you’re likely to wear a coat. You can choose a camel beret to match your dark clothing, which will make a great sense of contrast and look great. In addition, you are able to choose a red beret along with a dark coat. Or you can pair a blue coat with blue beret in a lighter shade. If your hair is blonde, you should choose a white or beige beret; if it is black, you can wear a black one. If you are brunette, you should choose brown berets.

Chanel has cemented the beret’s position as the headwear to be seen in 2018. You can watch the show held in Paris to learn the fashion trend.

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