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F-35B JSF USMC Model

JSF F35 B Strike Aircraft USMC Model Airplane


90 reward points

F-35B JSF USMC Model

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Behold the USMC Freedom Fighters with our F-35B JSF display model airplane!

Model Airplane: F-35B JSF USMC Strike aircraft
Wingspan: 5.75"
Fuselage Length: 8.75"
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Engine: Jet - Turbofan
Branch: United States Marine Corps (Marines)

Model Airplane Factory offers handmade F35B JSF USMC model jet airplane, artistically created by our master craftsmen. Every Marines F-35B JSF airplane wood is a work of art. After passing through several stages of sanding and priming, our talented artists paint and detail the Marines F35B JSF display jet airplane with historically correct markings of the F-35B JSF USMC. The F35B JSF USMC display jet model wooden is meticulously carved and painted to reflect the true detail of the original Marines F-35B JSF. After carving the wood, the Marines F35B JSF airplane model jet display will undergo stages of fine sanding, between primer coats, to produce a silky smooth finish ready for final painting. The Marines F-35B JSF jet display is supplied with a mahogany base for display.

In effect, the F-35B power plant acts as a flow multiplier, much as a turbofan achieves efficiencies by moving unburned air at a lower velocity, and getting the same effect as the Harrier's huge, but supersonically impractical, main fan. Like lift engines, this added machinery is dead weight during flight, but increased lifting power increases takeoff payload by even more. The cool fan exhaust also reduces the harmful effects of hot, high-velocity air which can harm runway pavement or an aircraft carrier deck. Though potentially risky and complicated, it was made to work to the satisfaction of DOD officials.

During concept definition, two Lockheed airframes were flight-tested: the Lockheed X-35A (which was later converted into the X-35B), and the larger-winged X-35C. The F-35 power plant is derived from Pratt & Whitney's F119 or GE Rolls Royce fighter team's F136, with the STOVL variant of the latter incorporating a Rolls-Royce Lift Fan module.

Arguably the most persuasive demonstration of the X-35's capability was the final qualifying Joint Strike Fighter flight trials, in which the X-35B STOVL aircraft took off in less than 500 feet (150 m), went supersonic, and landed vertically a feat that Boeing's entry was unable to achieve.

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