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AC-119 Gunship

AC 119 Gunship Fairchild Wood Model Airplane


200 reward points

AC-119 Gunship

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Museum quality AC-119 Gunship mahogany model airplane, perfect gift for pilots and collectors.

Model Airplane: AC-119 Gunship Attack Aircraft
Wingspan: 20"
Fuselage Length: 16"
Scale: 1/62
Material: Mahogany wood
Manufacturer: Fairchild
Engine: Propeller - Twin Engine Gunship
Era: Vietnam War
Branch: United States Air Force (USAF)

Model Airplane Factory offers handmade Fairchild AC119 Gunship display model wood aircraft, artistically created by our gifted artists. From raw kiln-dried mahogany wood, it undergoes processes to accomplish a precise AC119 Gunship plane display; from carving, sanding, coating, painting and detailing to a creatively done wooden replica of the Fairchild AC119 Gunship. The details of the AC119 Gunship such as the insignia, logos, body number, and squadron are carefully and artistically painted in the Fairchild AC-119 Gunship wooden model aircraft for precision. The rich color paint scheme and markings of the AC-119 Gunship are cautiously painted to the assembled AC-119 Gunship model. Every part and detail of the AC119 Gunship model display is given equal attention to retain the actual specification of the Fairchild AC-119 Gunship. Every Fairchild AC-119 Gunship aircraft display model is a work of art. AC-119 Gunship airplane display model includes hand-made armaments to represent real weapon loads based on the original AC-119 Gunship. The Fairchild AC-119 Gunship plane display is supplied with a mahogany base for display.

The Fairchild AC-119G Shadow and AC-119K Stinger were developed during the Vietnam War. They replaced the inadequate AC-47 Spooky and supplemented the newer AC-130. Contrary to popular belief, the AC-119 program (Project Gunship III) came after the AC-130, not before.

The AC-119G gunship, a modified G-model, carried four 7.62mm miniguns firing from the left side of the aircraft. Equipped with a 20-kilowatt illuminator, aluminum ceramic armor in crew and cargo areas, a semi-automatic flare-launching system, foam in the fuel tanks for fire suppression, and new communications equipment, this was a weapons system to be respected. In the now classic gunship tactic, the AC-119G flew a continuous left orbit to keep the guns and sensors on the target. Fighter aircraft made passes and after each pass had to reacquire the target with lost time on target which the gunship tactic avoided. Success with the G-model led directly and quickly to the AC-119K with its two auxiliary jet engines. Armed also with 20mm Gatling guns with more than 4,200 rounds of ammunition and advanced avionics, the K-model proved to be even more effective.

AC-119 Gunship is a made-to-order model. Production & Delivery time for a Made To Order model is approximately 8-10 weeks.

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