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A-6E Intruder USMC

Marines A6 Intruder Attack Wood Model Airplane


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A-6E Intruder USMC

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Pilots and collectors of fighter planes and military aircraft shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get a A-6E Intruder wooden mahogany model.

Model Airplane: A-6E Intruder Attack aircraft
Wingspan: 15.9"
Fuselage Length: 16.4"
Scale: 1/40
Material: mahogany wood
Manufacturer: Grumman
Engine: Jet - Turbojet
Branch: United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Model Airplane Factory, makers of hand made model aircraft, presents to you our A6 Intruder model jet airplane display. The A6 Intruder display is meticulously carved and painted to reflect the true detail of the original Marines A-6 Intruder. Every Marines A-6 Intruder model wood airplane display is a work of art. A-6 Intruder display jet model is hand carved from solid mahogany and completely hand painted. Multiple coats of clear lacquer is applied in A6 Intruder USMC jet model airplane to protect the exquisite artwork and provide an overall glossy finish. This Marines A-6 Intruder wooden airplane display model made of mahogany comes with a metal stand and wooden base.

The A-6E is a definitive attack version of the Intruder, introduced in 1970, with its first deployment 9 December 1971, with vastly upgraded nav/attack systems. It was manufactured by Grumman and its primary users are United States Navy, and United States Marine Corps. The original search and track radars of the A-6A were replaced by a single AN/APQ-148 Norden multi-mode radar, and the onboard computers with a more sophisticated (and generally more reliable) solid-state electronic system. A new AN/ASN-92 inertial navigation system was added, along with the CAINS (Carrier Aircraft Intertial Navigation System), for greater navigation accuracy. Beginning in 1979 all A-6Es were fitted with the AN/AAS-33 DRS (Detecting and Ranging Set), part of the TRAM (Target Recognition and Attack, Multi-Sensor) system, a small, gyroscopically stabilized turret, mounted under the nose of the aircraft, containing FLIR boresighted with a laser spot-tracker/designator.

TRAM was matched with a new AN/APQ-156 Norden radar. The BN could use both TRAM imagery and radar data for extremely accurate attacks, or use the TRAM sensors alone to attack without using the Intruder's radar (which might warn the target). TRAM also allowed the Intruder to autonomously designate and drop laser-guided bombs. In addition, the Intruder used AMTI (Airborne Moving Target Indicator) which allowed the plane to track a moving target (such as a tank or truck) and drop ordnance on him even though the target was moving. Also, the computer system allowed the use of Offset Aim Point (OAP), giving the crew the ability to drop on a target unseen on radar by noting coordinates of a known target nearby and entering the offset range and bearing to the unseen target.

A-6E Intruder USMC is a made-to-order model. Production & Delivery time for a Made To Order model is approximately 12-14 weeks.

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