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B-29 with Bell X-1 Model

NASA Mothership B29 with X-1 Wood Model Airplane


250 reward points

B-29 with Bell X-1 Model

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Rekindle your memories with our NASA B-29 Bell X-1 wooden model airplane!

Model Airplane: NASA B29 X-1
Span: 22"
Length: 16"
Material: Mahogany
Manufacturer: Boeing
Company: NASA

Model Airplane Factory offers handmade B29 Superfortress X1 model airplane, artistically created from mahogany wood. From raw kiln-dried mahogany wood, it undergoes processes to accomplish a precise NASA B29 X-1 model wood airplane; from carving, sanding, coating, painting and detailing to a creatively done wooden replica of the NASA B29 X-1. After passing through several stages of sanding and priming, our talented artists paint and detail the B-29 with Bell X-1 model wooden plane with historically correct markings of the B-29 with Bell X-1. B29 Superfortress X1 model includes hand-made armaments to represent real weapon loads based on the original B-29 with Bell X-1. Multiple coats of clear lacquer is applied in B29 Superfortress X1 plane model wooden to protect the exquisite artwork and provide an overall glossy finish. Our NASA B29 X-1 wooden airplane model is a beautiful, handmade authentic replica, made from the very finest grade of select kiln-dried mahogany wood and painstakingly decorated by our skilled craftsmen.

An example of a later variant of the B-29, the B-50 (which was powered by four 3,500 hp (2,600 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-4360-35 Wasp Major engines), acted as the mothership for experimental parasite fighter aircraft, such as the XF-85 Goblin and F-84s as in flight lock on and offs. It was also used to develop the Airborne Early Warning program; it was the ancestor of various modern radar picket aircraft. A B-29 with the original Wright Duplex Cyclone powerplants was used to air-launch the famous Bell X-1 supersonic research rocket plane.

B-29 with Bell X-1 is a made-to-order model. Production & Delivery time for a Made To Order model is approximately 8-10 weeks.

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