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Eurocopter Dauphin USCG

Coast Guard SA 365 Dauphin Wood Model Helicopter


200 reward points

Eurocopter Dauphin USCG

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Share your memories of the past with our handcrafted Eurocopter Dauphin USCG display utility helicopter.

Model Helicopter: Coast Guard Dauphin
Material: Mahogany
Manufacturer: Eurocopter
Company: USCG

Model Airplane Factory offers handmade Dauphin USCG display helicopter utility wood, artistically created by our master craftsmen. The process starts from carving the fuselage and the intakes on the fuselage sides to the Coast Guard Dauphin cruciform tail design, to the assembly and final polishing of the Coast Guard Dauphin utility helicopter display . The rich color paint scheme and markings of the Eurocopter Dauphin USCG are cautiously painted to the assembled Coast Guard Dauphin display helicopter utility. Every part and detail of the SA 365 Dauphin helicopter utility display is given equal attention to retain the actual specification of the Dauphin USCG. The details of the SA 365 Dauphin such as the insignia, logos, body number, and squadron are carefully and artistically painted in the Eurocopter Dauphin helicopter display for precision. Multiple coats of clear lacquer is applied in Eurocopter Dauphin USCG display utility helicopter to protect the exquisite artwork and provide an overall glossy finish. The SA 365 Dauphin helicopter is meticulously carved and painted to reflect the true detail of the original Coast Guard Dauphin. Dauphin USCG display helicopter is attached to a durable wooden base so you can place it wherever you like it!

The Eurocopter SA 365/AS365 Dauphin (Dolphin) is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter (originally by Aérospatiale). Developed from the single-engined Aérospatiale SA 360 Dauphin variant, the SA 365/AS365 Dauphin is one of Eurocopter's most successful designs and is widely used as a corporate transport, airborne law enforcement platform, emergency medical services (EMS) helicopter, electronic news gathering platform, and search & rescue helicopter. One of the distinctive features of the Dauphin is its fenestron tail rotor.

Eurocopter Dauphin USCG is a made-to-order model. Production & Delivery time for a Made To Order model is approximately 8-10 weeks.

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